January 4, 2016


Today I took my first step to improving myself. I went to register for college. I really feel good about this decision especially when at work tonight. I was talking to younger adults who are in college or just graduated.

The conversation was about the long road this is for me, this will be my third time going back to school and my third change for a major. I asked the one kid how old he was and he said 19 I said I already had a baby and was married at 19. Than I asked another one how old he was he said 24, my  comment was I was already divorced and had 3 kids at 24, They could not even imagine having kids at their age.

I think how I could have become a statistic and made nothing of myself in life, but here I am being persistent and going for what I want. I am doing this for myself and to show my 4 children that it doesn’t matter how old you are you are never to old to make a change or learn in life.

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