Grief is hard. It can hit you at any time or anyplace. It doesn’t always come from a death, it could be from a divorce, breakup, losing a job, loss of self esteem, and many other things.
Every person grieves differently. There is no wrong or right way to grieve. It goes through stages denial, anger, guilt, and hope are some of them.
In the Bible Matthew 5:4 says Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.
God always provides us with love and hope, especially in our darkest times.

Life with Raynaud Syndrome and hot flashes


I have Raynaud Syndrome, for those that don’t know wha that is, I am going to describe a typical day for me. My fingers, and toes are always frozen, sometimes the tip of my ears, or nose, and most definitely my tongue will be freezing. Weirdest feeling in the world. The only way to describe a frozen tongue is to imagine you are licking an ice cream cone down the shore in the dead of summer. That feeling your tongue has, yes that the feeling, except it doesn’t go away as easily.

Now imagine your sitting there with fuzzy socks and gloves on, and you are all of a sudden so hot. You begin to sweat but you toes are now turning white so you have to keep you socks on. It’s almost like you have a fever. That’s my life.

I say this as a joke because if I don’t keep humor in my life I would probably be crying. I know eventually the hot flashes will go away but the Reynauds is here to stay. I just pray to God that it doesn’t get worse and it stays manageable.

Tell me about some of your hormone, or health issues that contradict each other. How do you deal with it??

Ask for help


Today I am reflecting on the fact i am alive. for some reason i am here! I could have died numerous times in my life, two bad car accidents, when my spine was leaking fluid, abusive relationship, but I am still here. i have a purpose and that is to empower others. to let them know there is more to life in this world. we have to take the time to find what is important to us, and how to use it.

I have my family and my church family, to guide me through. i also have a counselor. its ok to get help and ask for it. we all need help sometimes, and there are people out there willing to listen and to help if they are able.
the first step is admitting we are in a spot and don’t know how to get out. trust in God pray for His help and lean on someone who will help you. someone that will guide you in the right path.



Everyday can be a great day it all depends on your mindset. Mornings used to be hard I would not want to get out of bed, however now before I get out of bed I close my eyes and think about how grateful I am to be alive, and anything else I am grateful for. I then pray, do a devotion and meditate. I then go downstairs and spend time reading self help books, do my devotions, and journal. This starts my day everyday in a good way. This may not be the way for everyone but this is what works for me. Some days I even get on my stationary bike.
Another thing I do everyday now, which I used to think was a waste of time, is make my bed. It gives me the thought to be grateful before I go to bed that I have a bed to sleep in. It’s like unwrapping a present every night.
This all helps me to be true to myself. If you can’t be true to yourself how can you put your best foot forward??
Ponder on that today!!
Have a great day and feel free to leave a comment below