Cathryn Fox

Cathryn Fox writes books that are hot, sexy, and fun. They always have a great story as well whether she is writing about friends who reunite, old or new friends you will stay entertained from beginning to end. You can stalk Cathryn in all these places:

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Here are some of her books

Playing For Keeps Series

cf 3For years Cooper liked Julia but she was off limits since he was best friends with her twin sister.
Julia make an impulsive decision to go to the ranch with the invitation Coop sent. She didn’t even have a bag. They were both surprised when she came off the plane. Coop has a week to convince Julia that she was always the one for him. Julia couldn’t believe when she received and invite to a dude ranch. In a moment of rash decision she jumped on the plane taking nothing with her. Once she realizes it wasn’t her invite it becomes interesting.
Cooper and Julia gets to reunite and has one week to do it. At first it is a little weird for them until they realize all along what they want.
CF   Jess receives an invitation to go to a dude ranch for a week she never expects to see her childhood friend Mac there. He was always the one she liked but she thought he was too fast for her. Mac invited Jess because he never forgot their kiss and he wants to see if he can explore their options.
When she agrees to do whatever he wants things get hot.
I loved this book I think it was my favorite in the series . It was hot and it also had a great story.
CF2Sweet Ride is the third in the For Keeps series It can be read as a standalone.
This is a short and hot story of Alix and Curtis two people who grew up together but had verity different lives. When ALix accepts an invitation to go to the dude ranch can Curtis convince her he is the right one?
I thought this book was short and hot, forget sweet it will take you away from your everyday life and make you wonder what you are missing.

This is the first one in her Line of Duty Series

cf4Years ago, Cole Sullivan made a battlefield promise sealed in a dying man s blood to take care of his best friend s little sister. Now he s forced to live with the fact that Gemma Matthews is completely off limits.Though Gemma s always had a crush on the darkly handsome, far-too-serious explosives expert, she can t forget the sting of his rejection. Now here they are, ten years later, with Cole still stubbornly in the role of protector. But when she catches him watching her from his house next door, she jumps at the opportunity to show him “everything” he s been missing.Cole can barely keep his cool at Gemma s bedroom window performance. He s never been a risk taker, but her all-out campaign of seduction ignites a fuse that can only blow up in his face.All thoughts of backing off are swept away in the heat of reckless passion. Leaving him wondering how he will live with himself amid the razor-sharp shards of his broken promise.Warning: Contains a smoking-hot explosives expert and enough heat to set an ammunition depot ablaze.