Hot In the Hamptons

   3 Novellas. 3 Different Authors. 1 Summer to remember


Storme is getting married! And she invites her two college besties to her mansion on the beach for some fun and frolic while they plan her end of summer wedding.

In Summer Dreaming, Kelsey Mitchell doesn’t know what she wants to do with her future. Rather than think about it, she spends her time living out her lifeguard fantasy.

In Summer Temptation, Leigh DeGrey is dealing with a life-changing secret. But she still manages to have some fun in the arms of a temporarily jobless Wall Street analyst.

In Summer Sins, Storme Sullivan is having second thoughts. Then she meets a smart-mouthed, bad-boy biker and winds up spending way too much alone time with a man who is not her fiancé.

How will the summer end? Not the way you’d expect.

Love burns hotter in the Hamptons. Come play.