Carly Philips

I found Carly’s books on a bad day. I went to the library to escape and there was her book calling me. If you are a reader you get it. I took it home and devoured it, ever since that day Carly has always been one of my go to authors. Whether it is Serendipity, The Playboy, The Hot Zone Series Invitation to Eden, or her Dare series, she always gives you a great book. One that will keep you interested from beginning to end and you will always get a HEA. I don’t think there is a Carly Phillips book I haven’t read or one that I didn’t Like.

I had the opportunity to meet Carly at a signing in NY over the summer I was very impressed with the fact that with as many fans she has she was very personable, and when I put on FB the next day that I saw her eating breakfast the next day and I didn’t want to bother her so I said nothing. She responded right back with next time come say hi.

That alone tells you that not only is she writing us amazing books but she also is in touch with her fans.

You can check out Carly’s webpage here  Carly’s webpage


on her Amazon page Carly’s Amazon Page