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lsShe’s trying to live down her reputation. He’s trying to live up to his.

Elena has always been impulsive, until one wild night on a reality dating show earns her a reputation she can’t escape. She wanted to be famous, but now she’s infamous and determined to redeem herself. No more impulsive Old Elena. New Elena is going to be respectable and sweet if it kills her—and her first task is attending the wedding of the woman who beat her on the show.  Secret Service golden boy Adam Dylan never wanted fame, but when he’s caught on camera saving the daughter of an A-List actress the video goes viral and he becomes America’s favorite hero. But there’s more to the story than the media hype. Now a sought-after celebrity bodyguard, he’s determined to earn his heroic reputation—even if that means nothing more glamorous than working security at a celebrity wedding.  When one of the wedding guests doesn’t want to take no for an answer, Adam comes to Elena’s rescue. It’s been a long time since anyone has stood up for her, but her reputation can only drag him down. Elena knows she should keep her distance, but it’s oh so tempting to give in to her wild impulses just one more time.

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My Review:

I received an ARC for an honest review,
Elena’s always lived life on the edge, however being on a dating reality show changed her life for the worse. She is now known by her actions on the show and feels she will never live it down.
Adam was a secret service agent and one decision he makes destroys his whole career. Now he is working for a friend as security.
At her friends wedding Elena needs saving from a male guest and Adam is there to do the saving. In the end Elena has to decide if she is going to let one show destroy her whole life or take matters into her own hands. While Adam has to decide how he is going to break through to her and get his life back on track as well.
This is a cute story and watching Elena come into her own and to learn to trust was awesome. This is another one to add to your beach bag.
 so3 It’s been a year since Ryan O’Connor buried his wife. He was in Afghanistan as a SEAL medic when the call came that she’d been killed during a robbery. In that time, he returned home, nursed his grief, and joined his former brothers-in-arms in the K2 Special Services. After a bad breakup with her ex, Charlene “Charlie” Morgan finds happiness only when flying the friendly skies—as an aerobatic stunt pilot. But the skies aren’t so friendly when her plane troubles turn out to be the work of sabotage. Looking to forget their worries, Charlie and Ryan run into each other at a bar. The chemistry is instant and intense. It’s only supposed to be a one-night stand. But the memory of their passionate kiss lingers, and when Ryan shows up at Charlie’s flight school, their romance takes off. Yet the route to love has its own turbulence—secrets, lies, and danger. Can one night lead to something lasting?
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My Review:
I received a copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an unbiased review
What can I say about the K-2 books this book is awesome.
Ryan is in mourning after he finds out a horrible secret his wife had before she passed. Now a year into being a widow he decides it’s time to move on. Charlie decides to go to the local hook up bar, its high time she does something for herself. She never expected to run into hot guy Ryan and have him be.
To not give the book away the story becomes very interesting with many twists and turns, You will see people from the past K 2 books as well as meet new friends. You will be entranced and the suspense will kill you.
Happy reading