A Choice for Claire by A.J. Harmon

Due to the nature of this book it is recommended for 18 and older

ACFC  Claire Larson decided early in life that the key to happiness was money. Experience had taught her that poverty led to misery. The handsome and rich Brent Cooper enters her life and promises her all she wants, but at what price? Is she willing to live in fear and without self-respect in order to have the mansion and drive the luxury car?
When she meets Zeke Dayton she couldn’t be at a lower point in her life. Zeke is gorgeous and sexy but a mechanic with a struggling auto repair business, definitely not with whom she’d envisioned herself.
Claire has to make the biggest choice of her life between having everything and having it all.

Caution: This book contains scenes of rape and domestic violence, and real life situations. Please be aware of the nature of this book. Ages 18 and over only.

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I do not give 5 stars easily this day but this was an awesome book, however it can be a hard read for those who have been involved with any type of domestic violence or abuse


My review:

 I received this book in exchange for an honest review.
I read the warning and I read the book. Not everyone in life has to make choices like Claire did, It was tough for her to decide at first but a friend was there for her. This was a hard read for me but I am giving it five stars. I loved the way she was written and how things aligned for her. Putting Greta in this story also made the realism of abuse stronger and how we really don’t know what goes on in others lives. The fact that this was a story that was informative and can save someones life should make it a highlight of the year. From beginning to end there wasn’t a slow spot. It pulls you in and you are rooting for Claire to make it.