Being authentic


When I started Plexus in 2020 the world was shut down. It was easy to eat healthier and exercise as their was nothing else to do. I was furloughed and home all the time. I did very well in 2020 lost weight and felt good. I still had IBS-C, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, and degenerative joint disorder, however I was able to get off most of my medicines and other supplements. Even after I was called back to work, I still did well. Then in 2021 I switched to a different company. Many of you know the story it didn’t work the same and I ended up gaining back some weight, and being in pain again. I went back to Plexus and swore I was going to do better. To start exercising again and eating right. The problem with this is it never happened. Now I weigh more than I did in 2020. I started exercising again. Tonight I went to Zumba, when I looked in that big mirror I couldn’t believe what I saw. Now I see why I can’t move well. I have to roll out of the car, and I had to go back on some of my medication. As I use this blog to empower others, I am empowering myself today. I am going to move forward, not look back and go back to eating right and exercising. I want to be healthy not only for me but for my family as well. I am here to tell you that I know life happens, but my goal is going to be to be more mindful. I don’t want to be the person laying in bed and my family waiting on me because I can’t move. I want to be able to travel and do things. With that being said tell me what you are doing to be healthier? What are some things you can do everyday that are easy? Your ideas can help someone else!!