Our Now and Forever by Terri Osburn

When Caleb McGraw sweeps Snow Cameron off her feet, she never expects their whirlwind romance to lead to a Vegas wedding chapel. Before she can catch her breath, Caleb starts talking kids and college funds while his wealthy parents make their disapproval painfully clear. Convinced she was blinded by lust, not love, Snow takes off for Ardent Springs, Tennessee, two months into the marriage.

Heir to a media conglomerate, Caleb never experienced struggle or rejection, until Snow sends him on a wild hunt for his runaway bride. When he finally finds her—managing a curiosity shop beloved by the quirky locals—she agrees to give the marriage another chance, but on one condition: no sex for a month. Can their love stand the test, or will they give in to their attraction?

In this humorous and heartwarming Ardent Springs romance, two lost hearts start over in a town where everyone deserves a second chance and love always wins in the end.


My Review

This is a beautifully written story about Snow and Caleb who were married in Vegas and after getting much grief from her new Mother in Law she just left. Now it is a year later and Caleb found her. The book is about second chances in a small town.
I love how Snow did what she thought was right and turned her life around, also how when a curve ball is thrown she stands her ground. Caleb also has to decide if he is going to change his whole life to keep her.
I also liked seeing the people from the first book and look forward to the next book in this series.