One Man Out of Many

ON Omar Joseph is a young aspiring rapper who’s looking for his big break in the music industry. After being abandoned by his father and watching his mother (Evelyn) die from AIDS when he was 17, he is then forced into manhood where he becomes the man of the house for his younger brother Bilal. One way that Omar begins to cope with his new life was to write music. His passion for writing and recording music gets him his local notoriety, but the temptations and the allure of the drug dealing and gang life beckons upon him to become a part of the illegal street culture & gang lifestyle. Throughout his adolescence his music starts to define his manhood as he begins to record hundreds of songs with various artists and under different stage names and company switches in order to be heard by the masses and to find his true place & identity as a man and as a father. Faced with the many decisions upon love, life, family and his music, Omar’s life becomes a series of twists and turns of good and bad decisions and how he is forced to deal with those challenges while balancing his love for his music, his craft and his family. Feeling watched over & guided by his mother’s spirit Omar’s continuous plight for stardom forces him to make life changing changes in order to compete with the best of the best. Out of the many paths that he could’ve taken and the so many others who have traveled the same road, could Omar be that ONE MAN OUT THE MANY to succeed?

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I want to say that I usually do not read Biographies or autobiographies because for me reading is to get away from real life, however when I was coming home from Lady Janes Salon, I met the author of this book on the train. He noticed all my books and asked if I read. After a long conversation he asked me to read this for him and I agreed. I took my time and read and found that I really enjoyed it. I associated with it as well due to where ai grew up. I wish him all the luck in promoting and pushing this book

My Review:

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. 
This is the story of O. Nitty growing up in the Jersey City, NJ. It describes living in tough area and all the temptations and how easily you can fall into the trap. O. Nitty stands strong, he survives tough situations that no child or teenager should ever have to go through. Through trial and error he has to learn how to overcome and be creative in his endeavors. 
This is the first book by him and I thought it was interesting.