Special Olympics

Usually  my pages are all books but today I want to share about my daughter’s Special Olympics team. Our team consists of eight kids three girls, 5 boys, and 3 coaches on paper however the coaches friends come as well so on some practices, we have more coaches than kids. This is all volunteer which really means something to us as parents. We all have children with Special needs some of them have tried playing in regular township sports and couldn’t handle it. Our coaches are incredible they know our kids quirks and have the patience they need. Today our kids won the bronze which for us is awesome. We just want them to thrive and to have the confidence to keep playing.

It is not only the coaches or the children playing even the referees stop what they are doing to help our kids.

Even though we get thanked as the parents for bringing the kids, I also want to give credit to the person who runs our group not only does he and his wife has a ton of other things going on in their lives but they have to make sure all our children are up to date with their forms, pay attention to when or games are, set up chaperones for competitions, make sure everyone is where they need to be, handle any issues that come up in our group. with at least or maybe more than fifty kids in our group that is a lot to handle .

Through the Special Olympics they have formed great friendships and they are long lasting. It is also a support for the parents as we are all in the same  boat and can help each other in many ways.

These pictures I feel sum up the love we have for our kids, coaches and the person in charge of our group. I just want to say thank you!