Shaky Times

Today I am sharing the book Shaky Times!: The Diagnosis of a Life Sentence for a Young Parkinson’s Patient by Richard Pikunis. This is not the usual genre I read it is a true story about a man who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at the ripe young age of 24. This book is very inspirational in fact it only took me hours to read. I am sharing in the hopes that you will read it as well.

sl   I was only 24 years old, when some strange and uncharacteristic things started happening to me. They were so gradual at first, creeping up upon me, that no one noticed the squatter taking shelter in my brain with the intention of never leaving. My first symptoms were a slight decrease in my fine motor skills. My hands were a little more fumbly than they were just the day before and the next week was even worse. The change was so gradual and slight that quantitatively it took quite some time and accumulation of symptoms to raise any concern. For example, I had a harder time with the dexterity needed to repair a loose screw in the temple of my glasses. But Parkinson’s? I have never even heard the word in a context I could understand. To me it was that disease that old people get right before they die. They walk slow, with a stooped posture and shuffling gait. They also shook like they were in a constant state of rhythmical dancing, but only they could hear the music. The change in my digital dexterity was so miniscule that it would take years to realize this was even a blip on the radar of the devastation that lies ahead.

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My Review     What can you say about a book that you open and read in a matter of hours? This is a true story about Richard Pikunis a man who at the age of 24 was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. His life was heading in the direction he wanted until the signs began. A true story of suffering, pain, and finding his way in life. There are many ways this man could have handled his diagnosis and when he took one way and hit rock bottom, he decided to take his life in his own hands and find the way to live life he wanted to. If you want an inspirational story here it is. I recommend it.