I have a lot of things going through my mind all the time!! 💬🤔 that doesn’t mean that I am not productive or I don’t have imposter syndrome. It means I am always fighting the negative thoughts with new thoughts and ideas. How do I do this?? It is not easy. I found a group in clubhouse called the Empowerment Club, in this group there are many people. One day when I was speaking in the group I was telling them how I struggled with this. Jeanette R. Smith who is the moderator told me to close my eyes, take a breath and breath it out three times. When I was done she asked me what name came to me. I told her is was Lily. Now when I get those thoughts I say Lily be quiet, or no Lily you are wrong. It takes more than just telling yourself. I also have to work at it everyday. I can really sit here and go backwards at any moment, but I don’t want to do that. It takes me having faith in God. Praying throughout the day. I meditate as well. I also have positive things around me, whether photos on the wall or even things I wrote in my many white boards. This months theme is Dream Big on my calendar. I also have Psalms 27:14 Trust in the Lord have faith, do not despair, Trust in the Lord. This really resonated with me. The more faith I have the better my life becomes. Hi April 7 was a few days ago and I journal that I an grateful and blessed where I am today, as I reflected I realized so many thing happened to me on that date that were negative. I turned that day into a positive by releasing those negative things in my journal. Now they are out of my mind. We can change anything about our selves if we do the work. If you don’t like who you are or what you look like why? What can you do to change it. You can tell yourself everyday you are beautiful. You can tell yourself you will not have a bad attitude or be sad. The more you tell yourself the more you start to believe in yourself!! Stay in the present and make your life what you want it to be!!!