Sabotaging myself


How many of you sabotage yourself?? I do it all the time. I tell myself I am going to blog today, schedule business posts for my groups. Vacuum my bedroom. Whatever it is that I need to do . Do I do it?? No!! What do I do instead? I play on my phone, read a book, play with the dog, turn on the television. Why do I do this to myself. It’s not lack of confidence, or maybe it is. It could be my negative thoughts. This week I am in an online vendor show for both of my businesses. I need to schedule the posts 6 a day. Easy right? What am I doing instead ? Playing some Candy Crush. Why do I do this to myself. I don’t do this in the morning. I get up and do my daily devotions, meditate, get ready for work no problem. Why do I do it with my business then?? It’s because I am afraid to fail!! I want to thrive in my business. When I put my best foot forward I do well. I know this but that stupid part of my brain that tells me otherwise always comes up. It’s so annoying. I just had to get this off my chest. Now I am going to put my phone down and get my act together so I can work my businesses. Thanks for letting me share! Tell me how you say at age yourself. It’s normal we all do it.