I am here to listen


This is Max!! I am using his picture to get attention. I wanted to talk about something, but I am not sure what. God has put it on my heart to share my life through this blog. My last post was about self sabotaging, so I didn’t want to post another story that is on the negative side. I want to talk about my health a little. Many of you in here know me personally, whether through the book world, friends, or even my church family. I am very vocal about my health. Many of you know I had COVID in November and my fibromyalgia and muscle spasms were exaggerated. That is what was attacked. I have also been getting edema in my legs pretty bad. I finally went to the doctor last week and as usual all my tests were normal. Friday I am going to the heart doctor. It’s scary to be in this position. To be in pain and have other strange things come up. I wanted whoever needed to hear this you are not alone. Whether you have health issues, mental health, anxiety, overweight, or whatever. Reach out anytime. I will guide you to the best of my ability. Maybe you just want someone to pray for you, a Bible verse, whatever. Please comment below or if you want to keep it private send me a DM. Life is tough we all have issues. Sometimes we just need someone to listen.