Silence of the Lamps

Silence of the Lamps Mech.indd Business has never been better for home stager Caprice De Luca, but her personal life could stand a few renovations. Just when she thought things were getting serious with her boyfriend Grant, his pretty ex-wife swoops into town and nabs his attention. Uncle Dom is living with her parents and desperately needs a new job. And her sister Nikki’s catering business is threatened when rival Drew Pierson starts eating away at her share of the market. Things could not possibly get more chaotic when Drew is found  bludgeoned to death by one of his grandmother’s antique Tiffany lamps–and Nikki is the number one suspect. Now, Caprice must act fast to illuminate the truth and clear her sister’s name–before a cold-blooded killer puts her lights out next…Praise for Deadly Décor

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MY REVIEW:  I received an ARC for an honest review.
I love the Caprice De Luca mysteries. Caprice is a quirky women that loves to wear retro clothes, she has a business saying house. Unfortunately she seems to find dead bodies as well. The body she finds this time hits close to home and as the police warn her off she can’t help but ask questions. Even with her personal life not in a good place she still does good and helps others. I love the way her attitude stays positive and the way she holds her head up high. It seems like the whole town has her back as well. 
This is a mystery and it is part of a series you can read it as a standalone, however it is best to read in order to know who everyone mentioned in the story is.

krs USA Today Bestselling Author Karen Rose Smith’s 95th novel will be released in 2016! Her passion is caring for her four rescued cats. Her hobbies are gardening, cooking and photography. An only child, Karen delved into books at an early age. Even though she escaped into story worlds, she had many cousins around her on weekends. Families are a strong theme in her novels in both her mysteries and romances. Find out more about Karen at and at She’s recently working on her Caprice De Luca Home Staging mystery series as well as her Daisy Tea Garden mystery series and her Search For Love series. If you’d like to chat with her, you can find her on Facebook at KarenRoseSmithBooks and on Twitter @karenrosesmith.

Ten Things About Karen Rose Smith

1.     I was an only child who always longed for a sister.

2.     During my childhood I always had access to a relative’s farm.

3.     This summer my husband and I took in a stray pregnant cat and helped deliver her kittens.

4.     When I was in my late twenties, I learned to swim and ride horses!

5.     I attended the Beatles concert at Dodger Stadium.

6.     With my cousin I wrote a script for The Monkees TV show.

7.     I wrote for six years and finished 13 manuscripts before I sold two books in one week to two different publishers.

8.     I use a tape recorder to write and like to tape on the patio on summer nights under the moon.

9.     I love 60’s fashion.

10.   I’m a crazy cat lady!