Perfectly Imperfect

This is my perfectly Imperfect it starts 4 years ago with my before being widowed in my horrible relationship, I was not very happy ( no I didn’t meet Rob this is the wax museum) Every day was a struggle just to try to stay positive and make it through the day. I dressed like a slob and just didn’t care anymore.


Next comes a few months after being a widow It bought I was so happy but look at me I am still struggling here with getting through what I was dealt with. I was struggling at this point with being alone


Next comes when I met someone. The problem was that I didn’t need anyone just in my head I didn’t know how to be alone or how to survive without all the fighting and name calling that went on, or the fact that I was dating the couch


This is me now I am not flawless. I am working on living healthier. It  is a daily process, I am happily single, and have found the best community in the book world where I know I am supported. I have to remember that it took years to put all the weight on and it will not come off overnight and I will never be a perfect 10 I will always have my scars inside and out because I am Perfectly Imperfect.