Yes I read romance


My love of reading started at a young age, I remember sitting in the library reading Beverly Cleary, moving up to Laura Ingalls Wilder.

As I became older I still read, it was always my go to especially through my marriage even when I had to hide the fact that I was reading. I have devoured thousands of books by many authors Fiction, Non Fiction, Mysteries Suspense and my all-time favorite Romance.

When people ask what I read and I say romance sometimes they say why or the face conforms in these strange looks and I say because that is what I like. I love the fact that the girl always gets her guy.

Lets think about this romance authors have to tell a story, keeping us interested by not using the same stories over again. They have to create new characters, a town for them to live in, their careers, friends, and the whole story  based  on them falling in love.

I couldn’t imagine the time it takes just to write the story much less making sure there are no errors, rereading it again, sometimes asking someone else to read it to check for errors, sending it to an editor to have them critique it. That is a lot of work for them. Much less they are still on social media keeping up with their fans. I know first hand how the support works too. The romance community supports each other whether you are an author, reader, reviewer or whatever they support you.

I just wanted to dedicate this to all the romance authors out there and thank them for bringing me joy every day.

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