Sunday is Family Day Right?


Who remembers getting up on Sunday dressing up going to church than to you Grandparent’s house for dinner every Sunday. Some Sunday’s we got lucky and Grandpop took us to Staten Island instead to have the true Italian lunch that would last for hours, and everyone drank the homemade wine there.

Now to today, I woke up took my daughter to basketball, stopped at my Mom’s to deliver Girl Scout cookies ,she wasn’t home but my son and his girlfriend came home so I saw one of my children. Ran errands and came home luckily my oldest came over with girlfriend. I stilled managed to see all 4 children today but it is not the same everything is always so rushed.

I never made it to church and family day is gone. I really tried to keep Sunday family day together but we have so much going on it is almost impossible. I hate to see how different this will be in another twenty years.



Go for it


Right this moment I am out in a country bar waiting for a concert to start and guess what I came myself. Gone are the days of sitting home because of stupid excuses like I don’t have anyone to go with, I’m tired or any other thing I can think of using. Sitting on my laptop doing nothing just wasting time. It is empowering to know that I did it, yes me I did it. Those of you who have known me for a long time know what a big step this is for me. Now I am going to go and enjoy myself. Have a great night whatever you are doing.