Release Day


I’m Terry and I am a reader!

It is almost an addiction. There is not a day that goes by I don’t think about reading or the book I am reading. I will talk to anyone about reading. I can get lost in a bookstore or a library. What is my satisfaction you ask the satisfaction is knowing I am going to escape to a new world real or not, meet new people and then I get to review!

To be a reviewer is like the icing on the cake. I get to tell people all over the world who reads reviews what I thought of the book and when I get a like or a message from Amazon saying someone said you helped them OMG the excitement I feel. Knowing they are probably going to buy that book. Not only am I supporting my favorite authors by reviewing but I am hopefully helping to get them a new reader or fan.

This week we have releases from Selena Laurence, Kim Law, Christi Caldwell, Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde together, Toni Aleo and so many more. My TBR list will never be done, but I don’t care as long as the authors write I will keep supporting and reading.




My son is so excited about the Powerball being so high, he keeps asking what I would do if I won. I told him the first thing I would do is not tell him because the whole world would know. I told him I would buy a rancher he looked at me and said that is too much work to take care of that. I told him it was a one floor house like Grandmom’s. He thought I was talking about a  farm. He cracks me up sometimes. Really though if I won I would open a place where teens could go and hang out like we used to have.

I really feel part of the problem in this world is with us parents all working to survive there is no one watching the teenagers. I know some towns have boys and girls clubs or other organizations, but what about when they are closed. Think back to when we were kids, we were never in the house if we wanted to play we had to go to the local arcade. We played, tag, baseball, or even just walked around. We had to use our imaginations to get things.

I can only hope that I have instilled in my children enough so they know that in order to have nice things and to be able to survive they need to work hard.