The single life


After being married for years my husband passed away, I am not looking for sympathy just telling a story. At first I was very lonely as he was always here, I had my kids but that is not the same. I dated someone for over a year and realized he wasn’t for me. I decided to go online and try to date. What an experience it is,  Now it is more or my entertainment than anything else. They all say they want to be friends yea right send them your phone number and you will see what they send. I probably could have started a page on pictures of body parts. I have gone on a couple dates um that wasn’t too well either. I had one guy offer me his SSI check if I took him off the site. I said no thank you. He message back 2 days later and said I looked at your pictures and I am sorry I message you in the first page. I just laugh.

I know my life is busy I am focused on working, going back to school, my kids, reading and this blog. When my time comes it will come I am not lonely as I have built my life around what I need.

I am in a good place right now which is where I haven’t been in a long time thanks to the support of my friends, and family

Instant Gratification


When did instant gratification become the way of the world? It is insane how we all want everything right away. This year I am going to step back before I purchase or get anything to make sure that it is really something I need not just want. How many of us has put ourselves in major debt or made a decision that has badly affected us. I know I have millions of times. Now is the time for me to contemplate before doing anything and hopefully my kids will pick up this habit as well.