Life with Raynaud Syndrome and hot flashes


I have Raynaud Syndrome, for those that don’t know wha that is, I am going to describe a typical day for me. My fingers, and toes are always frozen, sometimes the tip of my ears, or nose, and most definitely my tongue will be freezing. Weirdest feeling in the world. The only way to describe a frozen tongue is to imagine you are licking an ice cream cone down the shore in the dead of summer. That feeling your tongue has, yes that the feeling, except it doesn’t go away as easily.

Now imagine your sitting there with fuzzy socks and gloves on, and you are all of a sudden so hot. You begin to sweat but you toes are now turning white so you have to keep you socks on. It’s almost like you have a fever. That’s my life.

I say this as a joke because if I don’t keep humor in my life I would probably be crying. I know eventually the hot flashes will go away but the Reynauds is here to stay. I just pray to God that it doesn’t get worse and it stays manageable.

Tell me about some of your hormone, or health issues that contradict each other. How do you deal with it??