Ask for help


Today I am reflecting on the fact i am alive. for some reason i am here! I could have died numerous times in my life, two bad car accidents, when my spine was leaking fluid, abusive relationship, but I am still here. i have a purpose and that is to empower others. to let them know there is more to life in this world. we have to take the time to find what is important to us, and how to use it.

I have my family and my church family, to guide me through. i also have a counselor. its ok to get help and ask for it. we all need help sometimes, and there are people out there willing to listen and to help if they are able.
the first step is admitting we are in a spot and don’t know how to get out. trust in God pray for His help and lean on someone who will help you. someone that will guide you in the right path.