Inner Child


Where is your inner child? is it fully accessed, semi accessed , or blocked? How do you unblock it?

What does it feel like to play a game, dance around your kitchen, skip instead of walking? That is your inner child coming out. How many days a week do you see that inner child? It’s not easy to pull on that inner child with the stress of working, cleaning, and life in general. Learning to use my inner child helos me with all of the other stuff. Instead of looking at as cleaning I may dance while vacumming, dusting, mopping or whatever I am cleaning. It takes the blah out of it, especially if you don’t like to clean. How about instead of walking around the block you skip around the block. Sitting at your desk at work put in your headphones and listen to a silly podcast.

Finding my inner child is a work in progress. I have a lot to get through to find her. Everyday is easier and easier. It comes from forgiving the past. For me I had to release many blocks to even remeber my past. It really makes my head hurt, but the work is worth it. TO feel the freedom you feel as a child walking down the street in the rain and jumping in a puddle, or dancing around like no one sees you. Try to remember these feelings. It takes a lot to get there, meditating, working on your spirituality, as well as other things.

Lets discuss in the comments how you use your inner child!!!