Self Preservation


When you have something old you preserve it right, soi why do we not preserve ourselves. Once we hit adulthood life takes over. For me it was being married, working, having kids, buying house, and so on and so on. THe babies get older you go from doctor appointments and playdates to school activities, sports, and whatever else the kids have planned for you to do. In my case my husband was demanding and wanted every minute of my time. In your case it may be something or some one different. I stopped going to church, reading for fun, and doing many other things I loved to do.

Some people are lucky and have support to help with their everyday life, but what about the rest of us. We tend to lose a little bit of us at a time. How do we find that person we were? I am still working on it, but this weekend i realized it was fun to be soaking wet outside, dancing in the rain at a concert. I alos learned it’s not that hard to forgive your past and to not hold on. I know that I am in a great marriage now with someone who treats me well and things can change for me and anyone, if you make the effort.

My effort is making sure I have my own quiet time every morning to read, do my morning devotions, pray, meditate, and exercise. I also knew i needed help so i have a counselor twice a month, I recieve reiki, and go to church. FOr me this works. YOu may need to do something else. FInd your niche and take the time to do what you need for yourself. If their is one thing I learned its I needed to feed myself as I was drained. Just liked those old candleabras, the outside of your house, or anything else that may need to be preserved.

Knocked down


Yes in life we often get knocked down, that is where I have been…

As much as I wanted to live life my body told me to slow down. I was sick not with COVID but with a bug that was diagnosed as they didnt know what it was. I am still tired and they Couldnt give me medication as my body does not metabolize things correctly. I just worked, rested, and let it run its course. Not fun, however I am back and am still working on bettering myself. In the past few months I have found meditation has been a great thing for me. Not feeling well made it hard to concentrate on meditating so i did the best I could in the moment. I also realized dancing in the rain is fun.

One of the things I am going to do going forward is remember to live life in a fun way. Dance when I want to, play in the rain, and think of other things I did as a child. This will be a great way for me to relieve some stress. I am also going to live in the present and be forgiving of the past.

Tell me what are you doing to relieve stress and bring some happiness in your life??