Self Care Sunday


How do you self care ???

Many people use Sunday as a self care day, however I use whatever day I need for self care. Sometimes for me self care is just stepping out of my busy life and read a book. It could be a trip to the shore, putting a mask on my face and hair, staying in my pajamas in bed all day, or just sitting still and reflecting.

Self care is very important for mental health. I know for me I try to take thirty minutes a day to reset myself, this is an important part of my day. I may meditate, exercise, or spend time praying. A half hour balances my day and my mood. It’s something I never thought I would be able to do years ago. My stress level was so high, all I did was scream at my kids, and anyone I was with it was horrible. Now I am much calmer and can see things clearer.

(this picture is from a recent retreat I was on )

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