Finding Myself


How do you find yourself? When you become married, have children, or make other changes, you change. Sometimes you even lose the person you were. This is what happenedto me. When I was younger I would do so many things by myself, I wasn’t always looking over my shoulder. After my husband passed I only did things if someone went with me. I had to relearn how to budget and even write a check. Scary times for me, while I was working, and just starting college.

Guess what!! I was capable of doing all this and so much more. I had to make mistakes on my own and learn from them. Something I still do. Looking back at those times I realized I had the strength in me to move on, just not the confidence. The picture I a sharing is me around age 9 that was confidence for me. I am working on finding my inner child to have that confidence again!!

Confidence is still a struggle I have but everyday it gets better and better. It took years to learn to love myself and dsily reminders. One of the things I did was before I went to bed I would write on my bathroom mirror. I am beautiful, I can do this, and other notes like this. After I showered they would wash away. I would rewrite them. Sounds like a lot of work right??? It wasn’t it was the beginning of reminding myself of what I am. Loving myself took a lot but I learned to do it< and so can you.. Comment on things you do to build yourself up.

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