Interior Design and Other Emotions




There are side effects to falling in love.

 Gina Giancarlo is an interior design genius, fast as lightning with numbers…and autistic. Yearning to be just like everyone else, she joins a drug trial that promises to help her experience a full range of emotions.

 With the ink still wet on his MBA, Chris Rinaldi has only two goals—make bags of cash and bag lots of women. Dancing on the edge of insider trading, he pushes his company to buy stock in a pharmaceutical firm because of its promising new autism drug.

As Gina’s understanding of the world blossoms, she forms a connection with the Wall Street hustler, who appreciates her—quirks and all. And for the first time since his sister’s death, Chris experiences true emotions with a woman who has recently discovered passion herself.

 Gina believes that the pills are responsible for her awakening. Chris knows they’re responsible for his success. When the drug is discontinued, the cost of “normal” might bankrupt their future.

My Review:  This book is about Gia she is a genius with numbers and loves Interior Design, however she also has Aspergers and that causes her to hold back. When offered to participate in a trial she jumped at the chance.
Chris holds an MBA only wants to forget where he came from make lots of money and have his girl of the whatever she is that day.
Chris and Gia’s stories parallel in different ways. They grew up near each other. Their families were close, when tragedy strikes Chris’s family, things change. 
This story is not just a romance it is a story about humanity and the real struggles that are out there for a girl with special needs, how she deals with this on a daily basis, and a newfound relationship.

I thought this story was great, it really went outside of the box. I felt so many emotions while reading it. Gia really found a place in my heart. A real feel good romance.