I want to say thank you for the coaches in the lives of our children in the Special Olympics. Many of them do this out of the goodness of their hearts they have no special needs children, however they still take time out of there lives to mentor our children. In my daughters group we have approximately  fifteen coaches and maybe 2 or three of them have children in the group. They not only come to games and practices they are coaching, but many of them come to the games they do not coach.

Today our kids played a team that was in a higher division than they are and they held their own they lost not by much. The coach had his team meeting and told them they did good he was happy with the way they were playing. When he want on to talk about the sectionals next week he put tears in my eyes. The love and caring that he has for our kids is incredible. His children even coach for us.

I just know that the Special Olympics is a great organization not only for the athletes but for the families as well. We are a well bonded group and no matter what we are there for each other. It would not be possible if we didn’t have all the incredible people who volunteer their time to coach.

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