tough decisions


Sometimes in life you make decisions without thinking of the consequences, in December I filed for bankruptcy, I know this is personal and I don’t have to share it but I am.

Today I went to the trustee who handles the bankruptcies for my county. As I was sitting there waiting my turn, I was just thinking of how I got myself into this mess by charging and open up more credit cards charging some more. Whether it was for fun or to buy groceries for my kids.

This is probably the best thing about going bankrupt the chance to start over and live within your means. The fact that I can’t go on a vacation or go buy that cute shirt or pair of shoes without saving the money for it. I know that this was the best thing for me I need to control my spending and the instant gratification that comes with it.

I also know that as sad as this is at this moment it is going to be another notch in my making life better stance I chose this year. It also means I will have more opportunities to pick and choose what I want to do because I am no longer under water trying to figure out what bill to pay, figuring out were the money is coming from for my child’s lunch account at school or to buy groceries.

As much as I struggled I know I did the best for my family and now I have to continue on this path. My story is still being written and I am always looking for the rainbow at the end or as the picture shows a double rainbow.

Have a good day


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