Send a Little Love


I am posting this with permission from Sarah Hegger,

There are many people who are alone, or in a bad situation, maybe it’s your neighbor, your coworker who wears a fake smile all the time, or someone in your family, they  just may need a pick me up with Valentines Day coming, some authors came together to start the Send a Little Love initiative.  Beginning on February 1 you can send a complimentary book to someone. Share your love of reading send them a book by an author you love. You can check out the website here.

Send a Little Love




Hi Terry,

When I came up with this idea it was built out of my deeply held belief that we can impact the larger world by how we impact those in our immediate circle. I can’t cure world hunger, or wipe out the abuse against women, but I can make one woman who is having a hard time smile, and even if it is for just a moment, know that she has value and is loved. I firmly believe that an act of kindness, however small, has a knock on effect. We never know how we impact strangers, both positively and negatively, and I think if we all made an effort to treat the people we encounter on a daily basis with respect. compassion and kindness it could go a long way to influencing the larger environment. Kristi, Xio and Heidi, jumped on board and have run with this and given so much time and energy to make this happen. Tracey came on board to help build the site, but she’s been invaluable and also so generous with her time and skills. And, of course, all the authors who loved the idea and willingly donated their books for this cause.


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