Being A Single Parent


Being a single parent means lots of things in life. First is if the drain is clogged you better have a snake to clean it out drain cleaner doesn’t really do a great job. It also means you have to teach your kids how to drive check the fluids in the car, and put air in the tires as my story goes today.

My 16 year old has a Honda its older but it is his first car, and we don’t use it very much. I noticed the tires needed air. Today I decided to teach him how to put air in the tires. I go to my local gas station where all the employees know me and my crazy ways. I ask the gas attendant for a tire gauge ,since mine is missing. When my son sees the gauge he says oh I thought that was a pen and I think I threw it out. We pull over to the air pump. I show my son where to look on the door for the amount of air to put in the tires. I pull out my change to use the pump, take all the covers off, check the air pressure, put the money in the machine, start putting the air in. The air is coming out of the tire faster than it is going in. I call the mechanic over and say something is wrong with this machine. I know how to put air in the tire but it is not working, mind you I only have 3 minutes to fill 4 tires. The mechanic starts trying to put the air in and it is still coming out. Now I have one flat tire and I am laughing so hard. I said I am not paying another $1.50 for three minutes of air just to get a flat tire.

I go to talk to the owner who knows me as well, my son says Mom you have black stuff all over your face. I tell him good that will help my case. To make a long story short, the owner had the mechanics fill my tires for free.  We now have 4 tires that are not flat a clean face and my son still does not know how to put air in his tires.

All in a short 20 minutes and the shenanigans will always continue.

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