Special Children


Today is my reality I am on a personal day from work today because it is doctor’s day for my daughter. Many of you know my daughter is diagnosed with ADHD/non hyper, Pervasive developmental delay on the Autism Spectrum, Moderately Intellectual Disabled, Mood Disorders, and Oppositional Behavioral Disorder. At 20 my daughter may never drive or be able to do many things she wants to in life. I have had to meet with numerous doctors and set up plans after she was genetically tested as well as use many personal or vacation days to take her to many doctors. To look at her you would never know she has any issues and to talk to her she seems “normal”.  The hardest thing to deal with the fact that I have to stand over her everyday while she takes her medicine or else she is unreachable.

My daughter is beautiful, she will do anything for anyone which means she is always getting into situations we have to help her get out of. Her situation is different because we didn’t have many of  her diagnosis until she was 12, but we got through it. Watching your children struggle is the hardest thing we will ever have to do as parents.But knowing your child will struggle their whole life is heart breaking.

I hear people all the time say they feel guilty because of their child’s special needs we as parents are not to blame we just need to stay above it and guide them in the right direction.

There are many parents out there struggling with even getting diagnosis’s for their children or they don’t want to believe their child has an issue. This saddens me as I have a great network of support by other parents in the same situations. Holding my daughter back does not cut it for me. She is in many groups set up for her. I am always advocating for her and will help anyone in my situation.

She needs more attention and with other children it is hard to make them understand that I am not giving her more than them attention wise, however as any mother know that is the way it is.

Have a great day


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